Spring is an Ideal Time For a Home Inspection

Winter has come to an end finally; the cold, snow and rain. We tend to be renewed yearly by the promise of spring time. It is a belief in all of mankind that it is time to reflect, renew ourselves and check in with that which needs to be released. As we inspect ourselves in reflection it is the moment to do a home inspection as well. It is the time of taking into stock the ravages of the winter months. We look within ourselves to know that which we desire to seed and grow personally. With our homes it comes with the territory of inspecting the roof, windows, walls and any repair that can beautify that which is our castle. Flowers and gardening also is part of the journey of inspection as we are daily nourished by the beauty of Mother Nature. We can hear the birds sing in the trees and know of the truth that comes with the season of spring. As we are encouraged and promised that the sun will shine, the snow will end and that the time for inspection of our homes is upon us. There may be leaks, windows to caulk, doors to fix and painting after the winter months of coldness. It is with this process of renewing ourselves and our homes that we follow a routine or ritual as part of the changing seasons in life. We tend to spend more time inside during the fall and winter months that create wear and tear on our homes besides the weather. There was a time when it was a fact in households that we put our winter clothes away, washed the windows and repaired our homes in anticipation for the summer. A home inspection in the spring prepares us for the season of summer.